moving software – features

Client and Suppliers database

Anagraphic is the heart of DTS and allows you to record data from all your clients, suppliers, collaborators. Anagraphic forms will record useful information such as phone numbers, addresses, contact information, notes, etc. The Client database is like your agenda, only much faster to consult and accessible to your coworkers.

Institutional/Corporate customers management

Moving companies often work with institutional clients such as Ministries or public authorities. Normally, your sales department has to dedicate lots of time and attention to such clients. That’s why we introduced a form to manage relations with Institutional clients, which will allow you to manage all the contacts and visits that each sales agent performs, in order to optimize planning and managing of your relation with the client.

Leads management

Every person who calls or emails you asking for information is a possible customer. With the Lead management form, you can quickly record data from the person calling, even during the call itself!

Sales and Operations

From the estimate preparation to managing each phase of the moving, sales and operative job are the heart of our software. In each job, you will find detailed information of the individual job and be able to manage everything effortlessly.

Planning resources and costs

With the tool “planning resources” you can organize thoroughly your work, assembling the team and assigning it one or more jobs. Furthermore, you can manage the total costs of one job or estimate your profit margin.


Issue the invoice for a job or the invoice draft to send to your administrative department. For each job, you can issue multiple invoices, even to different recipients, and keep track of the payments.

Calendar and automatic notifications

DTS has a built-in calendar that will show you all your services and jobs, taking information automatically from the operative practices. Plus, it features an automated notification and memo system so you won’t forget anything about your works.

Reports and statistics

To help you understand what direction your company is taking, DTS includes a totally customizable statistics and reports tool. For example, you can find out much profit an agent or channel earned you, or how many jobs in your home region you performed, and so on…
Additional Forms

Warehouse management

You will be able to fully manage your warehouse: boxes, containers, shelves… You will always know where everything is located and what containers are available. Furthermore, DTS records every in-and-out movement and has an automatic periodical invoicing system.

Info Area/Tracking for customer

Is an accessible area for customers via tracking code. In this area, the customer can get useful information about the progress of the job, download documents and pay via PayPal credit card.

Supplier ISO quality form

If you have an active ISO quality management system, this form will allow you to monitor your suppliers according to the current standards.

Invoicing management + Payment solicitations

Centralized billing management. You can also bill extra work not included in the operating database.Along with invoice issuing, it allows you to manage your expiration dates and send payment solicitations.